Due to the unique nature of my artwork, I have done several commissioned pieces using client’s personal photographs. Commemorate  photographic memories from a recent adventure, wedding, vacation, family reunion, second home – you name it. As the artist, I compile numerous, sometimes dis-jointed, photographs into a single vista that can be easily shared with friends and family as a finished piece of personalized fine art.

Custom Fine Art Montage
per square inch
  • Using Your Photographs!
  • Framed in Antique Windows — Which vary in size, availability & appearance. Please inquire as to current stock. ~ 20 photos per 15″ x 30″ (max)

  1. Gather your favorite photos. No matter which size piece you choose — the more pictures you send me the better! It’s nice to have options during the layout.
  2. Make contact to describe your order and choose the size.
  3. Upload & share images via Dropbox (free) and/or mail physical images to me directly.
  4. Complete works will either be mailed, picked up, or delivered regionally if possible. Clients pay shipping & packaging.


The turn-around for commissioned work is approximately 1 month.


Get prints, cards or postcards of your commissioned piece to share with friends & relatives.


Gift certificates are available!  Contact me to acquire one.