Traversing the Tetons

traversing the tetonsTraversing the Tetons | mixed-media 

Traversing the Tetons speaks to the past and present of these timeless mountains. Whether coming upon them from the air, on foot, or horseback, a wanderer can’t help but be drawn towards their distinct skyline. They greet with awe from afar and delight upon closer inspection. Their glorious presence is accentuated by the national park that encompasses them and the Jedediah-Smith Wilderness that borders Teton National Park.

This mecca yields wildlife, views, contemplation, perspective, pure beauty, and numerous recreational activities. Take another step and imagine life on the frontier in the shadow of the Grand Teton. Summers would have to be lovely to make up for long winters in a high, rural valley. Adventure would have been around every corner and surely part of every season.

When we stop to reflect, like the wise old owl pictured here, it’s easy to understand the thrill butterflies feel during their few days of glorious life. However, we can’t help but know there’s a bigger picture at play.