Electrical Box — An announcement & a mourning combined.

This post is about 2 years too late, but since the subject matter recently surfaced again, I thought I’d finally get around to posting it and close the chapter officially.

The electrical box I painted said years ago was recently re-transformed after my techniques sadly did not stand up to the test of time and weather. It was a failed experiment — even more unfortunately, a public one.

However the artwork itself offered up a great summery of the area and it’s a shame it didn’t last on multiple levels.  So in a final farewell – it was pretty while it lasted. I’m only sorry it didn’t last longer:

Winter in Teton ValleyWinter in Teton Valley

Teton Valley Summer

springSpring in Teton Valley

fallFall in the Tetons

skyBusy Skies










Some of the weather conditions leading to the unveiling…


PS. I feel like I’ve seen electrical box covers in other cities that appear to be stickers. However, no amount of my Jedi internet searching skills have brought any such available product to the surface.

Any ideas?