Turning 60!


This recent montage was put together for a friend whose sister was tuning 60. This birthday gift incorporates the birthday girl at various ages and stages of life; dressed for an outing with her sister and her father in the fifties, playing in the sand with her sister as a young girl, and later lounging on the beach with her own daughters.  A lot to look back on as she breaches a new decade.

We were able to cover the bases of her immediate family by including a shot of the three sisters with their mother and one of she and her husband as well.  The one disappointment was that more family members couldn’t be incorporated into this 12″x16″ work. I do, however, feel like my work also caters to capturing place and that it is important to leave some space allotted to joining sometimes discontinuous places – the 50’s parking lot with the Atlantic coast, for example.

Creating these segues is often the crux of any piece and a challenge I enjoy taking on.  I always try to incorporate as many photos as possible, but my goal for the finished image is to express the feeling of looking back on the landscape of an experience.  Here’s hoping it was well received by the birthday girl herself.  Cheers!


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  1. liz krafchuk

    Thanks so much for your work. It was both odd and fun to have your reflections of my life. Such an adventure!
    This was a lovely piece of work to receive for my birthday – ssssixty! what a reality/


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