The Studio

I have created more than one solo show from my bedroom floor over the years, but that is now a thing of the past. While you might still find me occasionally working on the floor, for the most part it will be the studio floor of my own dedicated art space.

After moving down from Juneau, Alaska at the tail end of 2007, we landed at the foot of the majestic Teton mountains. We were happy to be out of the rain of Southeast Alaska and thought about realizing our long term goal of homeownership and putting down some roots. Finding the perfect home for us sealed the deal. That this home is about a mile from the first home my parents bought together is simply another one of life’s ironies.

Our home offered the perfect balance of upgrades we could make over time, with our limited skill set, and instant move-in-ability. Four years later, we have done a lot around the place and can still envision a lot we want to do.  We’re excited to be here for the long term, to see it through the seasons, watch the trees grow and raise our family under this roof.

One of the biggest upgrades has been the creation of my art studio.  What was a dark, dank space has been magically transformed into a bright, well-lit (thanks to my electrician husband), and comfortable art studio. With the reclaimed redwood trim that was installed this winter, we are dangerously close to finishing this room completely.  With the addition of a new exterior door it will finally be officially done!